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More often than not, the trust we place in medical professionals is justified. On some occasions, however, a doctor, nurse, hospital technician or another medical worker commits a preventable error that negatively impacts the treatment a person receives. The consequences can be devastating.

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Some Facts About Medical Malpractice

The Office of Inspector General of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services reports that nearly 100,000 Americans die each year because of medical errors. Many more suffer severe injuries from medical and nursing errors. These errors, many of which are totally preventable, result in millions of dollars in unnecessary costs to average Americans.

Medical malpractice often has tragic consequences for patients and their families. However, they are among the most difficult cases to prove. The U.S. Department of Justice’s Bureau of Justice Statistics reports that only about one-fourth of plaintiffs in medical malpractice trials receive a favorable verdict.

In California, medical malpractice damages are both economic and noneconomic. Although there is no compensation cap for economic damages, California has capped noneconomic damages at $250,000. Noneconomic caps include pain and suffering and mental distress, as well as loss of consortium. Actual economic damages, such as lost wages and medical costs, are unlimited.

An Experienced, Knowledgeable Medical Malpractice Law Firm

We have recovered numerous multimillion-dollar verdicts and settlements on behalf of our medical malpractice clients. We handle the full scope of medical malpractice cases, including:

It is important to reach out to an experienced Los Angeles medical malpractice lawyer quickly if you or a family member is seriously injured while being treated by a medical professional. California law states that a medical malpractice action for injury or death must be brought within one year from the date the claimant discovered the negligent act, but no more than three years from the date of injury.

Actions by or on behalf of minors must be brought within three years from the date of the negligent act, unless the child is under the age of 6, in which case the action must be commenced within three years of the alleged wrongful act or prior to the child’s eighth birthday, whichever provides the longer time period.

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